Gog and all his multitude against Israel

Gog's multitude without the close neighbours of Israel.
Wars and rumours of wars
Olli Pekka Tuikkala

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told a powerful parliamentary panel on Monday that Israel rejects "no options" to block Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, a meeting participant said. The statement was the Israeli leader's clearest indication yet that he is willing to use military force against Iran. "Israel clearly will not reconcile itself to a nuclear Iran," the meeting participant quoted Olmert as telling the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. "All options that prevent Iran from gaining nuclear capabilities are legitimate within the context of how to grapple with this matter."

Just recently I was enjoying a very detailed book called "Armageddon", from the leading Christian author in Finland, Pekka Sartola. For decades already Pekka has been studying the Bible prophecies and the end time events. In my opinion, he has also found the correct locations for the hosts of Gog against Israel (Eze. 38:1-7).

Gog himself is the war lord of Russia, originally from the land of Magog (the area, where Islamic Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan ja Tajikistan are located today). Rosh is Russia (and possibly some other previous Soviets), Meshech is from Turkey, and Tubal - or Tabal/Tibaren, also in Turkey. Persia, Iran, is with Gog, Ethiopia, too (but not the one we know today, but Sudan, g’buwl Kuwsh). Puwt, Libues of Septuagint, that is Libya, is amongst those hosts. Gomer (the Gamirs from East-Turkey) and all his hosts, Togarmah (Tagarma/Takarama, that too part of today's Turkey) as well, are there. "Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself" (Eze. 38:7) - and that's exactly what Russia is doing this very minute - "thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them."

But what would Russia have to do with Islam? Firstly, today there are new winds in the religiosity of Russia: fifteen years ago, less than 1 percent of Moscow was populated by Muslims. Now, up to 20 percent of the population may already be Muslim.

But there's a stronger tie. In his book, "Planet Earth, the Final Chapter", Hal Lindsey mentions a fact that cannot be underestimated. After the falling of the Soviet Union, the southern republics with Muslim majority started searching for the spiritual content, also, finding fundamental Islam as a medicine. To keep these previous allies "in line" - especially Kazakhstan (being one of the major nuclear powers) - they had to call the Muslim grandfather, Ajatollah in Tehran, for help. Mutual understanding in friendship was achieved, and in February 1991, the following terms were agreed upon:

- Russia provides for Iran their nuclear weapon knowledge, and Iran in turn keeps the Soviet Moslems silent in their power wants

- If the West attacks against Iran, Russia will stand by Iran's side

- Iran won't butt out in Russia's own, internal affairs - even if former Soviet Muslims were in question (cf. The genocides in Chechnya)

Thus, we should keep an eye on whatever ties between Russia and Iran materialize. But how about the "Holy Land"?

If you look at Israel - just at the moment - could you consider one minute, that in this situation, Olmert having said that one above, they would ever go to a following standby: "Arise, get you up unto the wealthy nation, that dwelleth without care, saith the LORD, which have neither gates nor bars, which dwell alone." (Jer. 49:31).

Never. Something "big" has to happen first. But maybe that "big" is not Israel becoming a part of the European Union, which a full 75 percent of Israelis would like.

Maybe there's something totally else ahead. I have been discussing with Pekka Sartola about another issue, too. Not too many commentators than Pekka (none I know) have stressed, that amongst the hosts of Gog, described by Ezekiah, are NONE OF THE CLOSE NEIGHBOURS OF ISRAEL TODAY!!!

What if all these signs in nature, Bush now in the Middle-East, bullying Iran but doing what? (I nearly hear him saying "you do that!") and every smooth move to divide the Land promised to the Jews, are signs of the change to come?

Now after Annapolis, when Israel was left alone with Iran - how about if Israel really acts, like they did in Osirak, Iraq!? And due to that attack Israel becomes the wealthiest oilnation of the entire world, God willing!?

Would that be of some "hooks into Gog's jaws"? And what would the world assuredly do then?

Immediately they would send their best possible negotiator, Javier Solana, to discuss peace with this new oil prince of power: permission to build the New Temple would be given without question, no one would listen Islam anymore - whose forces would have been beaten badly anyway - and even such kind of a "roadmap" -package could be invented, where the whole world would grant Israel a strong covenant, so that this unimaginable thing - Israel dismantling her guns & military might, radically - would be most natural a situation. The entire "New World Order" would downright love and adore Israel, and all the discordant notes would be dimmed immediately...

Maybe a daydream, fiction at its best - or "things which must shortly come to pass" (Rev. 1:1)?

Whatever the case, dear reader, have you already obeyed the command: "Be baptized, and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord" (Acts 22:16), and do you already "wait for his Son from heaven, whom He raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come"? (1 Thess. 1:10)

If not, "now why tarriest thou?" The wrath is assuredly to come, but the Lord will take His Bride, the Church - all the true believers in Christ Jesus - to His Father's House, first. Are you ready to go?

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